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Mary M. Reyes LMT, MMP, CCT

Changing of Paradigms brought a new opportunity

Mary Reyes worked at NASA for 29 years. She loved her job and her coworkers. “I loved it. I was proud of working there because I felt I was part of history,” said Mary. She even met her husband of 29 years at her workplace.

Working in the data management field all those years, she understood “tense shoulders and back ache.” Mary had no problem in helping her coworkers with a quick massage. It was a quick massage because, according to her, “my thumbs would give out, they were not strong enough.”

Everything came to a halt in 2010 when she was laid off. Mary could not believe it. She knew her destiny laid there.  To compound the situation, her mother had broken a hip and needed assistance. Mary had just made the statement that she wished she had time to help her mother in this situation, earlier that same day.

After ensuring her mother was well on her way to recovery, Mary started the arduous task of job hunting. Armed with her Business Administration degree and years of experience, she found a temporary position– 1 ½ hours from her home, one way. Her three-hour daily commute was difficult and yet she persevered. That same year, her daughter graduated from high school and they were in the process of helping her choose a career. “We looked into the massage therapy training; and I became interested but she was not,” said Mary.

It appeared to Mary that she was at a cross roads.  She abhorred the daily drive, needed a different outlet, and she no longer had NASA.  After consulting with her husband, she decided to take a leap of faith and enrolled at the Texas School of Massage in Clear Lake. She had a six-month internship and passed her state licensing board exams.  She has received additional training and is certified as a Medical Massage Practitioner (Orthopedic Massage). Mary followed her dreams of owning her own business and with the help of her family; she opened Miracle Massage in Santa Fe.

“In massage therapy, there are two basic branches of service: spa or orthopedic. I wanted to concentrate on the orthopedic side. I felt I was in the right place, at the right time. I have always wanted to help people, whether in my IT position as a data manager or now, alleviating pain with massage,” added Mary.

She has great plans for extended services. Mary is looking into certifications for cancer massage therapy, orthossage (arthritis therapy) and geriatric massage. She accredits much of her success to the help of Small Business Administration Development Center and her customers.

Miracle Massage offers therapeutic massages, deep tissue, cupping therapy, relaxation massage, foot massages, and chair massages. They strive to provide the client with a total relaxation experience and/or assistance with their pain.

Mary is married to a wonderful husband and they have a beautiful daughter. The family has lived in the Santa Fe community for over 25 years.

Miracle Massage is a member of the Santa Fe Parks and Recreation Board and the Santa Fe Economic Development Committee. She belongs to the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, and the Women in Business organization.

Miracle Massage relocating to 1120 NASA Parkway, Suite 105.

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